Einstein's Eye

IoT in Insurance & the Outlook for Japan(日本の保険業におけるIoTの展望)

執筆者: Marc Einstein | 発行号: 2017年12月号

Insurance is perhaps the industry that will see the biggest impact from the rise of the Internet of Things, as the lifeblood of insurance has always been data. Therefore it should come as no surprise that the emergence of massive connected sensor networks, which are now collecting both new kinds of data and existing data more frequently, have already led to the introduction of new products, services, and perhaps most interestingly, business models. IoT is already making a significant impact in a variety of insurance sectors including automotive, healthcare, natural disasters, and property, and this trend is expected to accelerate in the future as IoT technologies become more sophisticated and widespread.【抄訳】IoTの台頭により、データが生命線である保険業は最も影響を受ける業界となろう。IoTは、すでに自動車、医療、自然災害、不動産などのさまざまな分野の保険に大きな影響を与えており、IoTがより洗練され普及するにつれて、この動きは加速すると予測される。保険会社はいち早くIoTを活用した新たな製品・サービスやビジネスモデルを模索することが求められる。(本文は英語です)