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Can Today’s IT Security Solutions Handle Today’s IoT Security Threats?(IoTがもたらすセキュリティ脅威の現状ととるべき対策)

執筆者: Marc Einstein | 発行号: 2018年10月号

As the Internet of Things becomes more widespread across the globe, no challenge is greater than overcoming threats related to security. IT departments are now being overwhelmed by the number of devices that must be managed and the amount and types of data that must be protected, and it is becoming clear that traditional approaches to IT security will not be sufficient to deal with both increasing numbers of connected devices and amounts of data that need to be protected. And in fact, there have been some very sophisticated security intrusions using IoT which should be of concern to any company currently engaged in deploying an IoT system. As a case in point, recently in the US a casino suffered the loss of its VIP customer data via IoT hacking by finding an unexpected point of entry into the network. Hackers scanned devices in the casino and were able to gain entry into the casino’s IT network via an unsecured thermostat which was being used in the lobby’s aquarium. This thermostat was connected to the Internet over Wi-Fi and the hackers were able to use it as an entry point to go through the casino’s customer database of high-spending gamblers, and then take out this data again via the thermostat and outside of the premises.【抄訳】IoTのグローバル展開がさらに拡大するにつれ、セキュリティ対策が非常に重要な課題となる。管理対象となるデバイスの数や保護すべきデータ量と種類は増加の一途と辿っており、従来のITセキュリティのアプローチのままでは適切な対策はできない。実際、IoTを使った非常に精緻なセキュリティ侵入がいくつも起きており、現在IoTシステムの導入に携わっている企業は大きな関心事とすべきである。(本文は英語です)