Einstein's Eye

How Are Enterprises Adopting Blockchain Technology?(企業はブロックチェーンをどのように採用すべきか)

執筆者: Marc Einstein | 発行号: 2018年12月号

Blockchain is without a doubt the most-hyped technology of 2018, and as such as generated considerable amounts of both criticism and enthusiasm. The Congress of the United States recently held hearings about the technology and noted economist Nouriel Roubini said that Blockchain is “nothing better than a glorified spreadsheet”. The technology does have many supporters as Blockchain advocate Peter Van Valkenburgh said in the same hearing that Blockchain “will be as significant for freedom, prosperity and human flourishing as the birth of the internet”. As with most technologies the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle of the two points of view. There has been a significant amount of bad press for the technology given its like to cryptocurrencies and the market crash that happened this year. On the other hands, there has been a proliferation of Blockchain use outside of the finance industry in a variety of industry use cases which have significant potential to disrupt many sectors. ITR has identified four major areas of Blockchain development outside of the financial sector in the exhibit shown below. The four major categories of Blockchain services, smart supply chain, smart contracts and asset transfers, data privacy and security and consumer and eGovernment services. While there are literally hundreds of Blockchain applications now being tested, we believe that these are the current areas of focus in the market currently and we have listed sixteen sub-categories below all of which are now seeing trials in the market.【抄訳】ブロックチェーンは、間違いなく2018年に最も盛り上がった技術のひとつであるが、賛否両論相当数の意見が出ている。米国議会が最近開催した同技術に関する公聴会では、経済学者Nouriel Roubini氏が、ブロックチェーンは「美化されたスプレッドシート以上のものではない」と述べ、一方、ワシントンを拠点とするロビーグループCoin CenterのPeter Valkenburgh氏は、「インターネットの誕生のように、自由、豊かさ、そして人間の繁栄にとって重要なものになるだろう」と相反する意見を述べた。真実は、ほとんどの技術の場合と同じく、恐らくこの2つの見方の中間にあると考える。この技術に近い仮想通貨では2018年に市場暴落も起こり、ブロックチェーンについても悪いニュースが多い。その一方で、金融業以外においては、多くの業界を混乱させる可能性のあるさまざまな業種のユーケースが急増しているのも事実である。