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Centimeter-Level Positioning Systems Are Taking IoT Solutions to the Next Level(次世代IoTソリューションを支えるセンチメートル級測位システム)

執筆者: Marc Einstein | 発行号: 2021年04月号

Standard Global Positioning System (GPS) technology is by no means new and has been in use by civilians since the 1980s and is now a ubiquitous feature of smart devices and IoT sensors. And while GPS has certainly enabled waves of innovation and business efficiency, the technology does have limitations which need to be overcome. Typically, today`s GPS service is accurate from 3 meters to nine meters depending on the topography and weather conditions, and this is unfortunately too limited for some advanced IoT services.Therefore, there is a desire in the industry to enable extremely precise position technologies which will essentially take GPS to the next level. There are a variety of new use cases that centimeter-level positioning systems will enable across a variety of industries. Connected vehicles is perhaps the most obvious example, as fully autonomous cars will need to be extremely accurate for safety reasons but this also extents to numerous applications such as drone delivery, gaming, precision agriculture, search and rescue operations, and logistics to name a few. Significant progress has been made on centimeter-level position systems in the last few years and commercial solutions are starting to appear on the market.【抄訳】GPS(Global Positioning System:全地球測位システム)技術は、1980年代以降、広く民間で利用されてきており、現在ではスマートデバイスやIoTセンサーのユビキタス機能として利用されている。また、GPSはイノベーションやビジネス効率化に寄与したが、技術的には限界が来ている。一般的に、現在のGPSサービスは、地形や気象条件に応じて3~9メートルの精度で提供されているが、この精度は一部の高度なIoTサービスにはあまりに制限があるため、業界ではGPSを次のレベルの極めて精密な測位技術の実現が望まれている。ここ数年、センチメートル級の測位システムが大きく進歩しており、商用ソリューションが市場に登場し始めている。