Einstein's Eye

Ten Technologies Shaping the Japanese IT Market in 2023(2023年の日本のIT市場を形成する10のテクノロジ)

執筆者: Marc Einstein | 発行号: 2023年02月号

The COVID-19 pandemic certainly caused many if not most enterprises to rethink their Digital Transformation initiatives, and many projects have been on hold for the last three years. Enabling remote working via online meetings, file sharing, and security measures quickly emerged as the top priority for Japanese companies, but as Japan’s economy has increasingly reopened over the last several months, priorities are now again shifting. In 2023, domestic companies are expected to resume their previous Digital Transformation plans, but the experiences of the pandemic have not been forgotten, as many enterprises are now also including technologies which can “future-proof” IT infrastructure, and hence, add a layer of resilience to operations in preparation for the next severe socioeconomic disruption. The following list comprises ten technologies which we believe will be increasingly important to include in IT strategic roadmaps going forward.【抄訳】新型コロナウイルス感染症の世界的な大流行の影響により、この3年間、多くの企業でDXの取り組みの見直しやプロジェクトの中断がなされた。企業ではリモートワークの実現が最優先課題であったが、いま日本の経済活動の再開によって、その優先順位が再び変化している。2023年は、中断していた以前のDX計画を単に再開するのではなく、次の厳しい社会経済の混乱に備え、「将来的に有効となる」技術をITインフラに取り入れていくであろう。本稿では、企業が今後IT戦略ロードマップに含めるべき重要な10のテクノロジをとりあげる。